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Burtsev: dynasty of masters of the Yakut khomus. Collection of articles, album of photos.

Книга, которую мы сейчас презентуем, первая в ряде книг, речь в которых идет именно о мастерах варгана, то-есть посвящена именно той тематике, изначально ставшей объектом нашего исследования и даже вынесена в название проекта. 
Думаю, не стоит пояснять, почему именно мастера якутского хомуса Николай Петрович и Николай Николаевич Бурцевы (Николай Бурцев) стали героями первого издания подобного рода. Для кого же этот вопрос требует разъяснения (да и для всех остальных) – все подробности об издании, презентационный видеоролик, а также фрагмент издания с вводными материалами, фрагментами статей, фотографиями и содержанием, доступный для просмотра и скачивания в формате pdf – размещены на постоянной странице издания на моем сайте.

Виктор Белов-Щусь posts (on Facebook): 
The book we are now present, the first in a number of books, which is about the masters of vargana, is dedicated to exactly the subject that has originally been the subject of our study and even put in the name of the project.

I guess not to explain why it was the masters of yakutsk homusa Nikolai Petrovich and Nikolai Nikolayevich Burcevy (Николай Burcev) became the heroes of the first edition of this kind. For whom the question requires clarification (yes and for everyone else) - all details about the edition, presentation video, as well as a fragment of the edition with input materials, fragments of articles, photos and content available to view and download in PDF format - posted on permanent Page Edition on the website, here.

Бурцевы: династия мастеров якутского хомуса. Сборник статей, альбом фотографий.

Burtsev: dynasty of masters of the Yakut khomus. Collection of articles, album of photos.

Бурцевы: династия мастеров якутского хомуса. Сборник статей, альбом фотографий. Сост. В.Белов. Елабуга, Издание Елабужского Отделения Русского Географического Общества, 2018. –  с.154
Burtsev: dynasty of masters of the Yakut khomus. Collection of articles, album of photos. Comp. V. Belov. Yelabuga, Edition of the Elabuga Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, 2018. - p.154

…Recently, in some publications, one has to meet the opinion that Russia is experiencing today a kind of “boom of the varganostroyeniya”, that everyone who is not too lazy, etc., is engaged in the production of harps. etc. Perhaps this is partly the trend, and there is a place to be, but in our opinion only partly. It is difficult to argue with the fact that among the masters - the Vargano-creators, occasional people do sometimes come across. If the latter are not taken into account, then the masters can be divided into:

- those who do it in pleasure, from time to time, and do not strive to make money on it;

- those who deal with this professionally as the main craft and make consistently good tools and

- those who treat this type of craft as a creative work, and from whose hands come out piece, exclusive products.

However, there is another category of vargan masters (khomus), which combines the best features of the above with the addition of its unique qualities. These are the masters whose merits make it possible to inscribe their names in the History. The history of world harpscreation. These masters, of course, include the dynasty of masters - manufacturers of the Yakut khomus - father and son Nikolai Petrovich and Nikolai Nikolaevich Burtsevs. Therefore, it is not by chance that these wonderful masters became the heroes of the first collection of the project “The Masters of the Vargan - the Magic Sound of Creators,” dedicated to the masters of the vargan, and not around all sorts of questions of the vargan theme…

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