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▶ KARINDING ATTACK • live on Gunung Karimbi

KARINDING ATTACK • live on Gunung Karimbi - YouTube

Published on Dec 2, 2012 by Vincent Moon
KARINDING ATTACK • live on Gunung Karimbi

a film by Vincent Moon

images, sounds & edit by Vincent Moon
mix by Karinding Attack
produced by Vincent Moon & Aniza Santo
with the help of Viki Rascal, Captain Jack, Ghera Nugraha


shot on Gunung Karimbi
West Java
january 2012


Karinding Attack:
Man Jasad : Vocals, Karinding
Wisnu Jawis : Karinding, vocals
Ki Amenk : Karinding, vocals
Kimung : celempung, vocals
Hendra Attack : celempung, vocals
Papay : celempung, vocals
Okid : goong tiup, vocals
Yuki : saluang, vocals
Ekek : suling, vocals

with the participation of
Ma Nyai Cimulu


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Monday, August 1, 2016

10 to 19 AUGUST – COURSE ON ХОМУС | 0 дневные курсы игры на хомусе для всех желающих Бунтарского улуса в культурном центре Олонхо


Уважаемые жители Сунтарского улуса! 🍀
С 10 по 19 августа Импровизатор хомусист, руководитель этно группы "Дохсун", артист НТТ *Георгий Слепцов-Ча5ылхан* даст 🏆10 дневные курсы игры на хомусе для всех желающих Сунтарского улуса. 🎭
Курсы будут проходить в культурном центре Олонхо
Запись по телефону 89141106746
Сунтаардар репост!



Dear residents of Suntarskogo Khans! 🍀
From 10 to 19 August improviser khomusist, head of the ethnic group "dokhsun", Artist Ibt * George the blind-cha5ylkhan * will give 🏆 10 daytime courses games on khomuse for all wishing suntarskogo khans. 🎭
The courses will be held at the cultural centre of olonkho
Recording on the phone 89141106746
Suntaardar repost!

*ХОМУС*... (Facebook page of Георгий Слепцов )

update: taking the week off due to neck problem

UPDATE 17 NOVEMBER: a quick update on my medical situation: i met with my surgeon yesterday, and he wants to try a course of injections for my neck rather that perform surgery at this point. the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders have literally pulled my shoulder out of place so that i have been having some serious difficulty with my right arm; also, we have discovered that there are 4 bad disks instead of only 3 – hopefully this therapy will work and no surgery need!  

UPDATE – 18 AUGUST: i had hoped to restart, but find that i need to just postpone all publications for awhile.

NOTE – 1st AUGUST: the paper usually updates each Monday, but i am hellish time with my injured neck, so i am not updating the paper this week
UPDATE – 8 AUGUST: the situation remains the same!UPDATE – 11 AUGUST: it shifted, and is getting better. – a new edition is published, but that has only a few videos and photos... i will try to update over the next few days?

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