Monday, April 17, 2017

John Wright - The Frost is all over by Le Rêve de l'Aborigène on SoundCloud

John Wright - The Frost is all over by Le Rêve de l'Aborigène | Free Listening on SoundCloud

John Wright is one of the acknowledged world masters of the instrument most commonly known as a Jew's harp. The small metal or wood instrument… [] …has variations throughout the world, and much of Wright's career since establishing himself has been spent not only studying these instruments, but collaborating with various international players. Wright did not become interested in his native folk music until attending the College of Art in Wolverhampton. At first he tried singing, but became interested in the Jew's harp after hearing BBC archive broadcasts of earlier players such as Angus Lawrie and Patric Devane. Eventually he would make the acquaintance of Lawrie, who would teach him quite a few tricks on the instrument... 

John Wright obituary

18 Sept. 2013 | The Guardian
My brother John Wright, who has died aged 74, was recognised as one of the world's finest virtuosos on that most underrated of musical instruments, the jew's harp (or jaw harp, though John never liked that name). An internationally admired musician, and a great shanty singer and fiddle player, he also played a key role in the reconstruction of working medieval musical instruments.
John was born in Leicester to Len, a butcher, and his wife, Millie. After attending Wyggeston Grammar school for boys, he went on to Wolverhampton College of Art and had a brief career in teaching before becoming a professional musician. In the 1960s he began a lifelong passion for the jew's harp and tracked down early recordings of the instrument at Cecil Sharp House, London, the headquarters of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, seeking out traditional players in the British Isles...

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Monday, April 10, 2017

▶ The Adventuress talks about Karinding | Karinding Sadulur

"The Adventuress" (Fiona Callaghan), with Karinding Sakulur

The Adventuress talks about Karinding - YouTube
Published on Apr 10, 2017 by Fiona Callaghan
This is my journey about studying more about the Sundanese culture especially about Karinding and the group of people called Karinding Sadulur who preserves the Sundanese culture and promote karinding.

Location: #Tasikmalaya
Videographed by Zebugh Abdul Jabar II
Video edit by Fiona Callaghan
#vog #theadventuress #fionacallaghan #karinding #karindingsadulur

Thursday, March 30, 2017

▶ Khomus player Fiodorova Natalia - YouTube

Khomus player Fiodorova Natalia - YouTube
Uploaded on Jul 18, 2009 by jewsharper
Fiodorova Natalia is nominated as "charming sounds khomus player" on competition "Khomus Kuo" in Jakutsk in 2009.
Федорова Наталья номинирована как "хомусист чарующих звуков" на конкурсе «Хомус Куо 2009» в Якутске.

▶ Udagan | Saydyy Kuo Fedorova

Udagan is an international ethnographic music fusion group. Udagan in it’s native language translates to ‘She-Shaman’. The music of Udagan as an entity captures the rich shamanistic universe of the far North inside a musical universe spanning tens of thousands of miles and reaching back millenia, into places existing on the edges of understanding.

The core of Udagan is Saydyy Kuo Fedorova from the North Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Oscar South, a contemporary performer and music creator in the UK.Saydyy Kuo is a specialist of the unique Sakha instrument ‘Khomus’ as well as a master of diverse Sakha vocal styles. She has brought these elements together and forged them into a precise vision, making an international impact through her performance which captures not just the essence of it’s origin, but also the imagination of it’s audience.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

▶ Svein Westad (Eng) - Documentary

Svein Westad (Eng) - YouTube
Published on Mar 13, 2017 by 
"Svein Westad" a video by Vladimir Markov about famous Norwegian munngarpe player.

Fundamentals of Vargan: A Manual of Jew's Harp Techniques by Aksenty Beskrovny

Hello, friends! Recently I've started a crowdfunding project to publish Fundamentals of Vargan: A Manual of Jew's Harp Techniques, on which I've been working for several years. With support of, the major partner of the English edition, and Michael Steinbach and Petr Jasinčuk, who inspired me to do this project, the English version of Fundamentals of Vargan will be prepared at the same time as the Russian version.

The project is being implemented in the Russian crowdfunding platform, so I prepared a separate page with English description of the project. Follow this link to find all information about the book, and couple of videos from my colleagues:

To make a good and high quality translation of my materials into English is my long-cherished dream. So I would be very grateful to anyone who will take part in the development of the project, or will help draw attention to it.

P.S. Also many thanks to Dale Cooper and Deirdre Morgan for translating project description into English.

Fundamentals of Vargan: A Manual of Jew's Harp Techniques by Aksenty Beskrovny

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Vargan, Khomus, and Kubyz – the Russian jaw harp landscape is in motion / The DAN MOI Jaw Harp Blog ♫ • ARTICLE with VIDEOS

Vargan, Khomus, and Kubyz – the Russian jaw harp landscape is in motion

Russia is a country with a handful of jaw harp traditions: in Sakha/Yakutia, in the Altai, and in Tuva the Khomus (or Komus) is played; in Bashkortostan the Kubyz is known, and in Western Russia and in the big cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg one can hear the name Vargan. The different terms already indicate diverse cultural links of the instrument. Since the 2000s more and more people remember these instruments again after the mouth harps had been forgotten for many decades. Now several hundreds of people in Russia are extensively engaged with this instrument, and it might be thousands who at least once held a Vargan, Khomus, or Kubyz in their hand. Furthermore there are many mouth harp artisans who produce excellent instruments. These are reasons enough to have a more intensive look at the Russian scene..

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