Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ancient Jew’s harps found in Altai Mountains as musical instruments reappear after 1,700 years

Made from the splintered ribs of cows or horses, one is still capable of making music.

The musical finds were made by archeologists at two sites Chultukov Log 9 and Cheremshanka in Altai Republic. 
Three of the Jew’s harps - also called jaw or mouth harps - from the first site were half-finished.
The other two from Cheremshanka were complete, and one is good enough to make music some 1,580-to-1,740 years after being manufactured by craftsmen in the Huns-Sarmatian period. 
more: Ancient Jew’s harps found in Altai Mountains as musical instruments reappear after 1,700 years

Friday, January 5, 2018

6th World Mouth Harp Festival of India • 9-11 Feb 2018 • Goa, India

The 6th World Mouth Harp Festival of India

Will be held on the 9th, 10th, & 11th of FEBRUARY, 2018
At Jungle Dance Cafe, on Temple Road in Arambol, Goa, India.

The World Mouth Harp Festival of India is a grassroots project conceived with a mission of establishing a platform for Mouth Harp players and musicians of any kind from countries worldwide to connect, share, teach, and perform. Showcasing the versatility of this instrument through a diversity of musical genres including presentations of both traditional and contemporary styles of playing, together with providing opportunities and inspiration for creative collaborations between musicians, the continuing vision of the World Mouth Harp Festival of India is to establish popular recognition for the Mouth Harp as a contemporary musical instrument in our society today.
Unlike commercial music festivals where artists are booked as entertainment and tickets are sold to the general public to cover necessary expenses, the conceptual core of the World Mouth Harp Festival of India is a community platform of skill-sharing and personal involvement. Everyone is invited to participate in this project, either by performing, teaching, organizing or simply attending, and each person is a contributor to the spirit of the festival in one way or another. Therefore, general admission to all concerts, workshops and presentations remain free of charge with no tickets for sale and no financial sponsors.

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▶ Cätlin Mägi VIDEO | New album out in February 2018!

Cätlin Mägi uus album “Mu pill parmupill” ilmub veebruaris 2018!

New album "My Harp - My Heart” out in February 2018!

Foto/photographer: Maritta Anton

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

▶ Evan Fraser – ORGANICA | Dirtwire – BLAZE – All Jaw Harps All the Time

 Evan Fraser

ORGANICA | Evan Fraser: This album is dedicated to all who are dedicated to changing the World by changing themselves.
Released March 1, 2007
An original global fusion album written and produced by Evan Fraser.
– jaw harp, morsing, kalimba, mbira, ney, synth, marimbula, mouth bow, overtone flute, calabash, percussion, berimbau, pandeiro, zabumba, vocals.

Evan Fraser | ReverbNation | Evan Fraser Music - Facebook


BLAZE – Out Now!

All Jaw Harps All the Time

Dirtwire - Music

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

new edition for 5 December

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"Speaking in Tongues: Music, Identity, and Representation in Jew's Harp Communities." PhD diss., SOAS, University of London | Deirdre Morgan

Deirdre Morgan has made her PhD dissertation available via a Google Drive link on her website and her Academia profile. It will say no preview available, but you can click download for the full PDF. 

"Happy reading, and thanks again to all who made this possible!"

Based on multi-sited fieldwork in Norway, Austria, and Sicily, this dissertation explores how the jew’s harp has become increasingly culturally significant in a number of regional and international contexts, and how it is today experiencing a global renaissance. Written from my perspective as a jew’s harp player, I combine research data from participant-observation, interviews with musicians and blacksmiths, and museum, archive, and private collection sources. I provide an overview of the history of the jew’s harp, then discuss the rise of its communities from individuals in the 1960s to the proliferation of societies in the 1990s through to the present. I situate my case study on the Norwegian munnharpe within a national folk music discourse, analyze its playing technique, and explore the role of archival recordings in transmitting the tradition. I look at elements of repertoire and performance practice, and conclude with an examination of the role of blacksmiths in the community. In my second case study, on the Austrian Maultrommel, I discuss the golden age of jew’s harp virtuosos in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Central Europe, tracing the lineage of two distinct playing techniques. I then examine how contemporary Maultrommel players situate themselves on local and international stages, and discuss the continuing legacy of Maultrommel manufacturing in the village of Molln. My third case study, on the Sicilian marranzano, analyzes connections to Mediterranean song style and vocal timbre then examines how the marranzano is embraced as a symbol of Sicilian identity, cultural renewal and political activism. I analyze marranzano economics and production, and conclude by looking at the instrument’s association with banditry in Italian cinema. My final case study discusses jew’s harp communities online, exploring how the Internet is today being used for ethnographic research and for understanding musical communities.

Morgan, Deirdre. 2017. "Speaking in Tongues: Music, Identity, and Representation in Jew's Harp Communities." PhD diss., SOAS, University of London. | Deirdre Morgan - Academia.edu

Morgan, Deirdre. 2016. “Excavating heritage: The archaeology of revival in the jew’s harp traditions of Norway, Austria, and Sicily.” In Studien zur Musikarchäologie X, edited by Ricardo Eichmann and Lars-Christian Koch, 75-79. Rahden/Westfalen.: Verlag Marie Leidorf.

Morgan, Deirdre. 2008. "Organs and Bodies: The Jew's Harp and the Anthropology of Musical Instruments." MA thesis, University of British Columbia.

Deirdre Morgan | Simon Fraser University - Academia.edu