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Obertoninės kultūros stovykla VIRŠ | Obertonines Music Camp photos

Vinetu kaimas added 25 new photos to the album: Dambrelininkų šventės akimirkos.

Obertoninės kultūros stovykla VIRŠ (Facebook): Ahoy! Šį savaitgalį turėjome nuostabią muzikos šventę VIRŠ , tai obertonines muzikos stovykla su labai įdomiais žmonėmis ir mokytojais iš įvairių pasaulio vietu ! Labai dėkojame organizatoriams ir laukiame kitų švenčių kartu ! Pasirgožėkime Šventės akimirkomis :)

 Ahoy! This weekend we have had a wonderful music festival over, it Obertonines Music Camp with very interesting people and teachers from different parts of the world mcu! Thanks very much to the organisers and waiting for other holidays tog

Jew harp Lithuania (Facebook)

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10th edition: Monday, Jul. 25, 2016

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The #KhomusWeekly Jew's Harp Newsletter


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▶ Alina Nikolaeva videos

Хомусчут Андрей posted to the Facebook group Хомус –

...a student of Antonina Nikitina

(sorry, those first four videos are no longer available)

and more –


Алина Николаева

Алина Николаева - Schloß Feldegg

Арон Зилаги и Алина Николаева 31.11.2014 г.

Алина Николаева

special thanks to Хомусчут Андрей | vibe forge

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9th edition of #KhomusWeekly: Monday, Jul. 18, 2016 | ARCHIVES

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The #KhomusWeekly Jew's Harp Newsletter


NOTE: there are normally three editions contained in the archive. the oldest edition disappears when a new edition is published!

1 more week: #KhomusWeekly archive, edition of June 27

2 more weeks: #KhomusWeekly archive, edition of July 04

3 more weeks: #KhomusWeekly archive, edition of July 11

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▶ Nadishana, Morsing Solo 10/4, 9/8, 13/4, 13/8, 5/8

Nadishana, Morsing Solo 10/4, 9/8, 13/4, 13/8, 5/8 - YouTube
Published on Nov 22, 2012
Solo on morsing (indian jaw harp)
Time signatures: 10/4,9/8,13/4,13/8,5/8
Filmed by Julia Surba

8th edition of #KhomusWeekly: Monday, Jul. 11, 2016

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The #KhomusWeekly Jew's Harp Newsletter

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Yuliyana Krivoshapkina in concert | Обязательно нужно сходить на этно-концерт Юлияны Кривошапкиной (Дьуруйээнэ - СИР ТЫЫНА). Только 14-го июля! Более 14 музыкантов из разных регионов России и Каз...

Be sure to go to the concert of ethno-Julia Krivoshapkin (Duruyeene - SIR TYYNA).
Only on July 14th! More than 14 musicians from different regions of Russia and Kazakhstan ...
Обязательно нужно сходить на этно-концерт Юлияны Кривошапкиной (Дьуруйээнэ - СИР ТЫЫНА). Только 14-го июля! Более 14 музыкантов из разных регионов России и Казахстана соберутся на одной сцене ГТОиБ! Такого вы еще не увидите долгое время! Уникальное событие от Юлияна Кривошапкина, Влада Сахая Бурнашова, Alisher Karimov, Саарын, Июлина Попова, Айталина Адамова, Hapanasasa & Радик Тюлюш  *

* Be sure to go to the concert of ethno-Julia Krivoshapkin (Duruyeene - SIR TYYNA). Only on July 14th! More than 14 musicians from different regions of Kazakhstan and Russia will gather on one stage STOB! This you have not see for a long time! A unique event by Julia Krivoshapkina, Vlad Sahay Burnashova, Alisher Karimov, Saaryn, Iyulina Popov Aytalina Adam, Hapanasasa & Radik Tyulyush

Here is the story of Bhagyalakshmi Muralikrishna | Aalaap • The magic of morsing | Deccan Herald

Here is the story of Bhagyalakshmi Muralikrishna, an immensely talented morsing player. This is an excerpt from a piece by Kirthi Jayakumar, exclusively written for Aalaap 
Hailing from a musical family, Bhagyalakshmi Muralikrishna took to a rather rare art form: the morsing. “My father, Morsing Emperor Gaana Kalaa Bhushana Vidwan L Bhimachar is the greatest exponent of morsing in India. My mother S Jayamma, is a singer. My older brother, B Druvaraj is a mridangist and my other brother B Rajashekar is a morsing player of international repute.” With a musical background of such grandeur, there was already impetus for Bhagyalakshmi to take to the field. “Dabbling with the musical background inspired me to learn to play the morsing.” Not many women play the morsing at all – and Bhagyalakshmi feels that she truly is in the minority in the field as a woman morsing player. “My challenge is to show the world that women are no less in playing the morsing in comparison with men. My father has been the greatest source of inspiration for me – he has given more importance to the quality of playing the morsing rather than to my gender - and has guided me on these lines.” However, as disheartening as it is, it is also true that the opportunities to play the morsing as a woman when compared to those that are open to men, are lesser in number. “There may be many reasons for this. I haven’t quite gone into that. Having said that, I must tell you that Ghatam Vidushi Sukkanya Ramgopal is my inspiration – and being a member of her Stree Taal Tarang group is a really great thing. We are being innovative in our conceptualisation and implementation of our ideas when we perform together!”

Here is the story of Bhagyalakshmi Muralikrishna | Aalaap (on Facebook)

S.Aishwarya - Vathapi Ganapathim - Muthuswamy Dikshitar - Hamsadhwani

hear morsing accompaniement at 2:00

The magic of morsing

This lady holds some unusual credits to her name. Bhagyalakshmi Muralikrishna is one of the few women percussionists in the country, and the first woman to play the morsing in Karnataka. The Bengaluru-based artiste has accompanied several renowned musicians — both vocalists and instrumentalists — in Carnatic music kutcheris across the country. 

Bhagyalakshmi is an approved A-Grade artiste of All India Radio, and has performed in more than a 1,000 concerts. Soft and mild-mannered, she packs a punch with her performances. The world of percussion instruments is, in general, a male-dominated one and the morsing itself is an unusual instrument. It has a metallic horseshoe-like ring frame with two parallel forks; and a metallic tongue in the middle, which vibrates when struck or plucked. The instrument is placed between the lips, and played to produce a unique music that involves synchronising the hand movement with the verbal expression of the laya. This is akin to transforming the art of konnakol to produce musical rhythms on the morsing.

Father’s legacy

Bhagyalakshmi learnt this art form from her father, the legendary morsing artiste Bheemachar. But the circumstances that made her learn the instrument are surprising. When the renowned percussionist H P Ramachar was trying to assemble an all-women percussion troupe, he realised there were no women who could play the morsing. He immediately approached Bheemachar and urged him to train his daughter in the instrument. Bhagyalakshmi was only 10 at that time. Her father had earlier trained his two sons, Dhruvaraj and Rajashekar; but was happy to coach his daughter too. Thus began Bhagyalakshmi’s tryst with the morsing. 

She learnt the art form proficiently from her father, winner of the Karnataka Kalashree and GanaKala Bhushana awards. Initially, the process was difficult. The instrument had to be placed between the lips and care had to be taken to ensure that the artiste’s tongue did not come in contact with the slightly sharp ‘metallic tongue’ of the morsing. But Bhagyalakshmi overcame the difficulties and went on to perform at several concerts. She initially accompanied several upcoming and junior artistes. But soon her popularity grew, and now she can proudly proclaim that she has played pakka vadyam for prominent musicians like Balamurali Krishna, M S Sheela, Neela Ramgopal, Soumya, to name a few. Bhagyalakshmi is a well-known face in the Madras Music Academy, and has been part of the hugely popular December or Margazhi music performances.

Concerts & performances

Bhagyalakshmi is a member of the Stree Taal Tarang, an all-women musical percussion ensemble, organised by the renowned ghatam artiste Sukanya Ramgopal. All the percussion instruments like mridangam, ghatam, kanjira and the morsing are played by women artistes. The performances by this rare group is a connoisseur’s delight, and has received much appreciation. Bhagyalakshmi, along with her father and brother, has represented India in the World Jewish Harp Festival held in Amsterdam, where morsing (also known as Jewish harp) players from various countries gather to showcase their talents. The artiste has fond memories of this event, as their tri-member performance of father-son-daughter, was well received and world-class musicians rapturously applauded their unique rendering on the morsing. 

While Bhagyalakshmi mainly performs the Carnatic genre, she has forayed into the field of fusion music as well. She played the morsing at Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt’s Fusion concert, which featured him on the Mohan Veena playing Hindustani music, accompanied by a tabla and a mridangam.  

Bhagyalakshmi knows that in two-hour vocal concerts, the percussionists get no more than 20 minutes of playing time. She is happy that people are now more open to watching tala vadya concerts, where the instrumentalists and percussionists are given more time to perform, and can display their mastery of the instrument. She says, “I am glad the morsing has come a long way from my father’s time. It is recognised now as a pakka vadyam and is part of the essential list of additions on stage.” Coming from a family of musicians, she is also happy that her son and nephews are also learning to play the morsing. In fact, three generations of percussionists from the same family — her father, herself and her brothers, and their three children, will be performing together at a unique, first-of-its-kind concert this month.

The magic of morsing | Deccan Herald

bonus – morsing solo –

Nadishana, Morsing Solo 10/4, 9/8, 13/4, 13/8, 5/8

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13 июля в 18:30 мастер-класс и концерт «Четыре стихии». | Master Class & Concert

13 июля в 18:30 мастер-класс и концерт «Четыре стихии». (english below)*
Во время мастер-класса Эркин Алексеев покажет как играть на хомусе в нескольких древних якутских стилях. Самый яркий из них, конечно, шаманский.
Когда-то давно шаманы, призывая своих духов-помощников, кричали их голосами.
Сейчас якутские артисты взяли на вооружение этот приём и широко используют его в своих выступлениях.
Наверняка вам приходилось слышать как хомусист во время игры , вдруг начинает кричать множеством голосов природы.
Николай Соболев, Наталья Дучева и Ольга Прасс поделятся уникальными авторскими техниками игры на варгане, накопленными за годы практики.
После мастер-класса состоится концерт. На котором будут звучать не только Хомусы и Варганы. А ещё и Бубны, Cosmicbow и Горловое пение.
Четыре стихии охватывают всё мироздание. Они символизируют четыре основных состояния.
Без каждой из четырёх стихий мы не сможем существовать.
Они словно магия струн музыкального инструмента.
Из тишины, едва слышно, в воздухе возникает первая нота. Она подобна первой капле долгожданного дождя… Падая на сухую землю капля за каплей, словно ноту за нотой дождь тихо нашёптывает небесную песню. И вот уже всё вокруг начинает кружиться и плясать в огненных отблесках молний, подхватываемых неистовым музыкальным вихрем. Ты отрываешься от земли и паришь словно птица по небу, лишь только тонкая нить звука удерживает и направляет тебя в твоём звуковом путешествии.
Ваши проводники - Эркин Алексеев, Николай Соболев, Наталья Дучева и Ольга Прасс.
Вход - 700 руб.
Ждём вас в среду, 13 июля, в 18.30, в КЦ "Белые Облака", Покровка 4

* On 13 July at 18:30 in the master class and a concert of "the four elements".
During The Master-class erkin alekseyev will show how to play the khomuse in several ancient yakutskikh styles. Brightest of them, of course, shamanic.
Once upon a time, shamans, encouraging their spirits-helpers, shouted their votes.
Now yakut artists have adopted this reception and widely use it in their statements.
I'm sure you've heard how khomusist during the game, all of a sudden she starts to scream a lot of votes of nature.
Nicholas Sobolev, Natalia Ducheva and Olga Prass will share the unique technicians games on vargane, accumulated over the years of practice.
After the master-class will be held at the concert. Where the sound will not only khomusy and vargany. And also, and diamonds, cosmicbow and overtone singing.
Four Elements Cover all of creation. They symbolize the four basic condition.
Without each of the four elements, we will not be able to exist.
They're like magic string instrument.
From the silence, barely heard, in the air first arises, a note. She is like the first raindrop of the long-awaited rain... Fall on dry land a drop by drop, like the note for note the rain quietly whispering in his heavenly song. And that's already everything around it starts to spin and dance in the fire, lightning otbleskakh podkhvatyvayemykh fury musical whirlwind. You're out on the ground and soar like a bird in the sky, only a thin string sound keeps and guides you in your sound journey.
Your conductors - erkin alexeyev, Nikolay Sobolev, Natalia Ducheva and Olga Prass.
Entrance-700 BR.
Waiting for you on Wednesday, July 13, in 18.30, the following promotions white clouds ", Pokrovka 4

original post on Facebook:
13 июля в 18:30 мастер-класс и концерт �Четыре...

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Zarina Olox Kopyrina | Olox

from Olox website – Zarina is a magic forest nymph with many-sided skills, primitive Spirit of the nature, with wisdom and an insight by which its magnificent essence is penetrated. She is beautiful, graceful, gentle, and sensual as the black swan. Her unsurpassed, perfect vocal carries out to a subsoil of the wild woods, immerses in the unknown, attracting the world of the untouched nature, devotes in sacrament and mysticism of the laws reigning in it. Besides the Russian cities, Zarina had performed with solo concerts in Paris, Brittany, Nym, Strasbourg, Lyunvil and Warsaw. She has participated in the documentary film “The Shamans of the World”, Also Zarina has won a grand prize “For saving of the epos of Olonkho – a non-material masterpiece of UNESCO”, and released an album called “Music Sakha in Mountains Yura” produced by the French label of sound recording company. A participator of American Fiancé TV reality show (Miami), X-Factor (Poland), a resident of Buddha Bar (St.-Petersburg). She now works with Roland sound engineer, owner of MyNoise app for IOS (Belgium).

OLOX – is a reflection of the three worlds: the Superior, the Middle and Lower. The energy that helps us in our work is born in the three worlds, it maintains a balance between the three and is transmitted to our listeners through music.
Sounds of the Underworld are aimed at liberation from fear, grief, disease, hatred and cruelty. Sounds of the Middle World is filled with virtue, love for all creation and harmony with nature and with the universe.
The sounds of the Superior world contributes to the creativity, wisdom, enlightenment, help to get rid of prejudices and all artificial.
Olox as the reflection of the essence of the universe. We do not divide people into races and do not create boundaries and conventions. This concept has found its reflection in our music, in which we use a unique combination of different musical instruments like the folk and the newest electronics, also we use the sounds of nature itself, so that you can feel the energy of the unity of all things and enjoy its magic...

more: olox.pro