Saturday, June 24, 2017

▶ Instructional videos playlist | UUTai series & more

instruction playlist at #KhomusWeekly Youtube channel

this playlist currently includes the first 6 videos of Olena Podluzhnaya's instructional series, as well as 5 videos by Varvara Stepanovas. these are all of the Yakut style of play. this list will grow and include others as well! -- for now, at the end, the only other video is by Bebbcorp Harpery.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

▶ SEBASTIAN. An animated film by Vlad Marsavin

sorry can't embed this one --- its worth a look!

▶ La Ruta del Trompe, 4ta Temporada - 2017 playlist


La Ruta del Trompe, 4ta Temporada

La Ruta del Trompe 2017 - NAMASTÉ (subtitles, untertitel, sous-titres, उपशीर्षकहरू)
La Ruta del Trompe 2017 - ATENTO AL LUBU (subtitles, 字幕)
La Ruta del Trompe 2017 - FUKUNAWA (subtitles, 字幕)
La Ruta del Trompe 2017 - SE FORJA (subtitles, Субтитры)
La Ruta del Trompe 2017 - UNA TEORÍA (subtitles, 字幕, Субтитры)
La Ruta del Trompe 2017 - VERANO EN SIBERIA (subtitles, cубтитры)

(so far)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

▶ vargan B M T

vargan B M T - YouTube
Published on Jun 6, 2017 by 69afin
1 Якутский хомус Тарабукина; 2 Байкал Венгерский дормб Силади ; 3 Якутский хомус Мальцева.

added to playlist "#KhomusWeekly 02"

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Norwegian Munnharpe Festival :: 15-17 September | Norsk Munnharpeforum

Munnharpefestivalen 2017

blir på Nesbyen, Hallingdal frå 15. til 17. september.

Set av denne helga nå! Vi kjem med meir informasjon etter kvart.

Norwegian Munnharpe Festival, 2016

The Norwegian Munnharpe Festival has been organised every September since 1995. Most often the 3rd weekend of the month. The location varies – we try to get local groups / musicians / bands / voluntary organisations help us organize things (usually full board). This means that the Norwegian Jew's Harp Forum is free to concentrate on putting together concerts and workshops. We teach the munnharpe at all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced, and 'master class.' We focus on traditional Norwegian melody playing, but sometimes we also teach rhytmic/percussive munnharpe as well. Then there can be shorter workshops on «tunes from the British Isles» or «multiple Maultrommeln» (playing on two or more harps – Alpenraum style). Often there are talks on «all things munnharpesque» (expression coined by the late John Wright)

Then there are the concerts: Friday night focus is on the music tradition of the local area; Saturday night is on all/any munnharpe traditions we can muster – England, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Norway, etc. After the concerts there are the jams, beer, and informal get together.

On Saturday there is also the annual general meeting, annual report, accounting, budget and action plan.

This year's festival will be in a very small town, Nesbyen, which is on the Oslo-Bergen railway line.
– the above thanks to Bernhard Folkestad

Den norske Munnharpefestivalen 2017

blir på Smedsgården Hotell, Nesbyen, Hallingdal frå 15. til 17. september.

Last ned programmet her.

På kurset med Sigbjørn Solbakken i hallingspel blir låtane Fru Stenersen og Trulseguten brukt. Du kan laste de ned eller høyre på dei ved å klikke på linken.

Studentar og medlemer:              NOK 500
Ikkje medlemer:                          NOK 700

Rabattert pris ved betaling før 1. september til konto 2320 15 35565:
Studentar og medlemer:              NOK 450
Ikkje medlemer:                          NOK 600

Påmelding til kasserar Sigbjørn Solbakken, epost: eller SMS: (+47) 48232746.

Dei som melder seg inn i Norsk Munnharpeforum når dei kjem, betaler som vanlege medlemer. Dei betaler NOK 300 for medlemskap for resten  av 2017 og heile 2018. Som alle andre som melder seg inn gjennom året, får dei alle nummer av medlemsbladet «Munnharpa» frå 2017 som bonus.

Overnatting på Smedsgården Hotell:

Pris pr. person i dobbeltrom:  NOK 1525
Pris pr. person i enkeltrom:    NOK 1825

Pris inkluderer middag fredag kveld - frukost, lunsj og middag laurdag - frukost og lunsj sundag.

Det finns også 2 rom har 4 senger, 2 leilegheiter med 5 senger, og ei hytte med 4 senger.
Bestilling (vis til avtale med Norsk Munnharpeforum):
Tlf.      (+47) 32068125
Mobil. (+47) 90991610

LINK: Norsk Munnharpeforum

(Facebook event page) Den norske munnharpefestivalen

(Facebook group) Munnharpa

see also: #KhomusWeekly Jew's Harp Newsletter: Fotos: Musikkhelg og Smikurs 2016 | Dates for 2017 | Norsk Munnharpeforum

Saturday, June 10, 2017

How the jaw harp became a commodity in Great Britain and Ireland: Michael Wright’s book about the jaw harp | The DAN MOI Jaw Harp Blog ♫

How the jaw harp became a commodity in Great Britain and Ireland: Michael Wright’s book about the jaw harp

“The Scottish and Irish integrated the jaw harp into their music culture, the English did not,” writes Michael Wright in his book about jaw harps in Great Britain and Ireland, which was published in 2015. Even though the English didn’t play the jaw harp that very often, since the 18th century at the latest England was one of the largest jaw harp manufacturers and exporters. In his detailed book about the British and the Irish “jews-harp” the jaw harp expert Michael Wright contributes important information about the economic and cultural history of the widespread instrument. On what trade routes did the jaw harp get to England and who bought it? Why became Birmingham the center of jaw harp manufacturing? Who built the instruments? Why is the jaw harp in English called jews-harp? The book is recommended for jaw harp lovers and beginners, but also for experts. It provides the basics of the instrument, uncovers several correlations in the European history of the jaw harp and invites to look into the numerous references from archives about the culture of the instrument and its depiction in the fine arts, architecture and press.

more :: how-the-jaw-harp-became-a-commodity-in-great-britain-and-ireland-michael-wrights-book-about-the-jaw-harp/

The DAN MOI Jaw Harp Blog ♫

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ancient Trance Festival :: 11 -13 AUGUST in Germany

And we're looking forward to see you in Taucha/Leipzig/Germany from August 11th to 13th 2017.

Ancient Trance -
ist ein Austausch von Musik-Kulturen. (English below)*
Die Maultrommel als eines der ältesten Instrumente der Menschheit wird mit ihrem Klang zum Mittler zwischen den unterschiedlichsten Stilen einer jungen, internationalen Musikszene.

Auf den Spuren der Schamanen verbinden sich verschiedenste traditionelle Sounds – und führen über die alten ethnischen Wurzeln zu sehr moderner ekstatischer Weltenmusik.

* (google translate): Is an exchange of music cultures.
The Maultrommel is one of the oldest instruments of mankind with its sound as a mediator between the most diverse styles of a young, international music scene.
In the footsteps of the shamans, a variety of traditional sounds are combined - and lead to very modern ecstatic world music through the old ethnic roots.

Ancient Trance Festival - Facebook

Ancient Trance Festival 2017 (Facebook event page)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fotos: Musikkhelg og Smikurs 2016 | Dates for 2017 | Norsk Munnharpeforum

20. – 22. mai på Gjøvik

Instruktørar på smikurset var Stein Terje Mathisen, Sven Håkon Jørgensen og Alexander Sørnes.

Konsert med Grove Horn

Munnharpefestivalen 2017

blir på Nesbyen, Hallingdal frå 15. til 17. september.

Set av denne helga nå! Vi kjem med meir informasjon etter kvart.

The Munnharpe Festival 2016
Text and photos: Mona Ottesen*

In 2016 Bykle in Setesdal was the scene of Norwegian Munnharpe Forum's (NMF) annual mouth harp festival. The location changes from year to year, and so do the participants, although of course there are many regulars. It's in the bylaws that the festival should not be in the same place every year. In this way, perhaps more people have the opportunity to join, and some may even have slightly shorter distances to commute. For some people that does not really matter: those who have travelled farthest come from England and Russia.

As in previous years the programme this year was packed with exciting music from capable artists, new and emerging stars, workshops led by experienced munnharpe players, pleasant company and swapping of both tunes and mouth harps.

The weekend started on Friday with pleasant company and a good bite at Bykle Hotel. After dinner festival continued one floor up, where both festival goers and locals enjoyed a meeting with Kirsten Braten Berg, her daughter Sigrid Berg and munnharpe virtuoso Sigurd Brokke. It is not unusual that such tunes resound in the walls because Setesdal Spelemannslag often organize folk music pubs in the hotel. They were also the co-organizer of this concert.

The next act was Olkhon Gate Duo, consisting of Irina Bogatyryova and Vladimir Markov; they had a very nice performance. Coming from Moscow and Irkutsk they had travelled the farthest of all festival participants. They live so far apart in Russia that the time difference between them is five hours. After the concert volunteers played to dances on both munnharpe and fiddle, and many had the chance to enjoy a good fling on the dance floor.

Saturday started with a good breakfast, and music courses continued towards lunchtime. Then we got a great lecture on setesdal music by Gunnar Stubseid and Hallvard T. Bjørgum. Afterwards there was a short stroll to the museum Lislestog where the Handicrafts team had an exhibition and Folke Nesland demonstrated munnharpe forging. Some used the opportunity to play a melody in the great outdoors, and tunes and harps were also swapped here. Some had even a brief tour of the venerable old Bykle church across the road.

The courses continued until five, when the annual meeting in Munnharpe Forum took place. After a good dinner in the evening it was time for another concert, and highlights came in a row, including Sigurd Brokke, Sudan Dudan and Erik Røine. The latter was also appointed Honorary Member of Norsk Munnharpeforum. The evening concluded as always at the festival, with volunteer concert and open mic, then late night jamming for those who still had something to give.

– translation kindly provided by Bernhard Folkestad

Norsk Munnharpeforum