Friday, December 23, 2016

New Karinding – from West Java to California!

a little photo shoot with some of my instruments today – especially to acknowledge the addition of my new bamboo instruments from Billal Al Shabill (received yesterday)–  karindingclamping,* and toleat (flute) from West Java to California! – pictured here with my hurdygurdy (made in England) and my khomus, custom made for me by Николай Бурцев of Yakutsk in Siberia. The batik in the lower half of the above photo was also in my package from West Java. – thank you Billal!

* celempung is the large bamboo at the bottom of the above photo - a percussion instrument. see the #KhomusWeekly youtube playlist "other" for video samples. 

Billal al Shabil
see also (on one of my personal blogs): whats more: re: getting karinding and celempung bamboo instruments from West Java

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Robert Cherwink - a little photo shoot with some of my instruments...:

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