Thursday, October 4, 2018

San Francisco Jaw Harp Choir

Structured like a community chorus, all are welcome to join, regardless of prior jaw harp playing experience. We’ll teach you how to play! Don’t own a jaw harp? No worries. We have inexpensive mouth harps available for purchase and an instrument library from which , you can borrow with a small deposit. Our goal is to develop a body of work that we can record and perform at regional venues and jaw harp festivals near and afar.

The Jaw Harp Choir will be led by award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer, conductor, and music educator, Mark Growden. Mark has been playing jaw harp since the mid-seventies and recently authored the book Melodia - 11 Compositions for The Melodic Jaw Harp. Mark has extensive experience as a music director and music educator.

San Francisco Jaw Harp Choir

The San Francisco Jaw Harp Choir Begins! (Facebook event page)

#KhomusWeekly Jew's Harp Newsletter: "Melodia – 11 Compositions for Melodic Jaw Harp" | Mark Growden

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