Saturday, July 2, 2016

Zarina Olox Kopyrina | Olox

from Olox website – Zarina is a magic forest nymph with many-sided skills, primitive Spirit of the nature, with wisdom and an insight by which its magnificent essence is penetrated. She is beautiful, graceful, gentle, and sensual as the black swan. Her unsurpassed, perfect vocal carries out to a subsoil of the wild woods, immerses in the unknown, attracting the world of the untouched nature, devotes in sacrament and mysticism of the laws reigning in it. Besides the Russian cities, Zarina had performed with solo concerts in Paris, Brittany, Nym, Strasbourg, Lyunvil and Warsaw. She has participated in the documentary film “The Shamans of the World”, Also Zarina has won a grand prize “For saving of the epos of Olonkho – a non-material masterpiece of UNESCO”, and released an album called “Music Sakha in Mountains Yura” produced by the French label of sound recording company. A participator of American Fiancé TV reality show (Miami), X-Factor (Poland), a resident of Buddha Bar (St.-Petersburg). She now works with Roland sound engineer, owner of MyNoise app for IOS (Belgium).

OLOX – is a reflection of the three worlds: the Superior, the Middle and Lower. The energy that helps us in our work is born in the three worlds, it maintains a balance between the three and is transmitted to our listeners through music.
Sounds of the Underworld are aimed at liberation from fear, grief, disease, hatred and cruelty. Sounds of the Middle World is filled with virtue, love for all creation and harmony with nature and with the universe.
The sounds of the Superior world contributes to the creativity, wisdom, enlightenment, help to get rid of prejudices and all artificial.
Olox as the reflection of the essence of the universe. We do not divide people into races and do not create boundaries and conventions. This concept has found its reflection in our music, in which we use a unique combination of different musical instruments like the folk and the newest electronics, also we use the sounds of nature itself, so that you can feel the energy of the unity of all things and enjoy its magic...


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