Monday, February 13, 2017

slideshow ▶ Karinding from West Java to California

Karinding from West Java to California - YouTube
Published on Feb 8, 2017

soundtrack: just a practice session, rain (Robert Cherwink​, at about 6 weeks of playing karinding)

photos: RC with his new karinding; Billal Al Shabill​ in West Java (collecting bamboo for celempung, shipping the instruments); RC received the instruments in California – photos of bamboo instruments from West Java with some other instruments of his collection; Billal al Sabill's new son (congratulations!); and Billal Al Shabill with Karinding Mawar. thanks to Anya​ for portrait photos!

for more info see: "New Karinding – from West Java to California!" on the #KhomusWeekly blog at
a little photo shoot with some of my instruments today – especially to acknowledge the addition of my new bamboo instruments from Billal Al Shabill ...

see also –

• Video – first time for Anya to play #celempung, and i finally figured out how to make the #karinding work better! – just in the moment :)

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