Thursday, March 30, 2017

▶ Udagan | Saydyy Kuo Fedorova

Udagan is an international ethnographic music fusion group. Udagan in it’s native language translates to ‘She-Shaman’. The music of Udagan as an entity captures the rich shamanistic universe of the far North inside a musical universe spanning tens of thousands of miles and reaching back millenia, into places existing on the edges of understanding.

The core of Udagan is Saydyy Kuo Fedorova from the North Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Oscar South, a contemporary performer and music creator in the UK.Saydyy Kuo is a specialist of the unique Sakha instrument ‘Khomus’ as well as a master of diverse Sakha vocal styles. She has brought these elements together and forged them into a precise vision, making an international impact through her performance which captures not just the essence of it’s origin, but also the imagination of it’s audience.
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